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Building a Better Battle system...

I've had this discussion before, but not with people of this community, or xenosaga. There have been a few references to the differences between battle systems in XG and XS1/2.

In Xenogears, as in Final Fantasy series, for the most part, the enemies are invisible, and come at you in the 'Random Encounter' form. This annoyance is alleviated when you get Chocobos, Airships, and other forms of transport. Enemy bosses, especially in a few of the Final Fantasy series games, levelled up with the main character. Therefore, he later you faced them in the game, the stronger they would be, and the more spells they would have.

However, in the Xenosagas, as in the Chrono series, all of your encounters are visible onscreen, allowing you to run away from battles before they start. This isn't always helpful, as there is usually a certain amount of levelling up you need to accomplish before you fight some of the later minibosses.

But is there a better method of levelling up? A better method of quarrying your encounters? The designers of Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, a game originally made for the Gameboy Console, would like to have thought so. They invented 'field battles', where you would fight ten random enemies, whenever you chose to do so. After the tenth, you have officially 'beaten the field' and receive a prize.

Surely, we can think of more. Perhaps travelling across a world map attracts attention, and when you arrive at a town (or try to leave town) you have a slew of creatures that gang up on you? Therefore, the longer you run around out there, the larger fight you have on your hands... This would have to be dealt with in a special way, in the game. Wandering around aimlessly could be deadly when you reach town. Maybe the more time you spend in the game, you just gain more experience, and there's no need to defeat creatures.

What do you think?
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