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This has probably come up before

In xenogears, the gears have a hypermode, how do you get it? I've never been able to and I've beaten the game twice before.
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don't use any deathblows even when you're at level 3. just keep pressing one button.. eventually you'll get it. if you have system id you can always get hyper mode. AND.. if you have the holy pendant you can stay in hyper mode for twice the duration (6 turns i think?) also, some gears never get into hyper mode for some reason or other..
Adding a little more information, the lower your hit points, the greater the chance of entering hyper mode. As long as you are at attack level 3, there is a percent chance every turn that you will enter hyper mode. The chance is displayed in the same place where camera damage and things like that are.
You also need to know at least some of your 7 point deathblows, if I recall correctly.
Yes, knowing enough deathblows to reach "Level 3" in the Hypermode count is necessary. If your deathblows are too limited, you'll stat at level 2 forever. Which sucks.
I can't imagine having gone through the whole game with never having gotten Infinity Hypermode myself..o.o I pretty much rely on that tactic to beat the final boss, and I've been through the game well over 40 times completed.
I congratulate you on your ability to go through it and win without using Hyper :)

You might want to try for a walkthrough, and then just read the section on how to get/use hypermode. It's so kick butt *_*